Wabeno beating suspects charged

From left to right: Justin Bey, Raymond Jones, April Jones, Samantha McClellan (Forest Co. Jail)
From left to right: Justin Bey, Raymond Jones, April Jones, Samantha McClellan (Forest Co. Jail)

CRANDON - Some might argue online dating can help you find the person of your dreams, but Forest County's district attorney says a Prairie du Chien man's story is closer to a nightmare.

Raymond Jones, April Jones, Justin Bey and Samantha McClellan are charged with beating the man for several days in a Wabeno home. The four appeared in Forest County court Wednesday.

The criminal complaint is painting a clearer picture of a bizarre Forest County case. The document says the four adults charged left the victim for dead in the woods for the wolves to eat.

“I haven't seen a crime to this degree of heinousness throughout all my years as a defense lawyer or as a prosecutor. He was beat for two days,” said Forest County District Attorney Charles Simono.

Simono says the 40-year-old victim was hit with sticks, punched and kicked in the groin and head. The district attorney also says the man was smeared with feces and urinated on.

A couple weeks ago, court documents say one of those charged met the victim on a dating website.

April Jones and her husband Ray picked up the man and brought him to their Wabeno home. That's where 21-year-old Justin Bey also lives.

“Apparently she's introduced him as her fiancé. So, I'm presuming it was relationship-intended,” said Simono.

It quickly soured last week.

“A child of the Jones' said that our victim touched her behind on the way back from the store. You'll see in the complaint that it was with an open hand, nothing of a grab and that she took off running. No one ever inquired with him as to what had happened before. They just immediately started beating on him,” said Simono.

“So there doesn't intend to be more charges filed against the victim?” asked FOX 11’s Bill Miston.

"No. None at all,” replied Simono.

At one point, court documents say the man tried to escape the home.

After two days of alleged abuse by the Jones, Bey and Bey's girlfriend, Samantha McClellan, court documents say the man was taken to a forest road near Crandon and left there overnight.

ATV riders found him last Wednesday afternoon.

“Given the severity of how badly beaten he was, the amount of blood loss, and the degree of hypothermia, including the solidification of his one limb, and the extensive frostbite throughout, I don't think he had much longer,” said Simono.

Two juveniles were also charged. Simono wouldn't detail those charges.

The defense attorneys in court declined to comment.

The four adults are due back in court over the next couple weeks. They also face battery, false imprisonment, child delinquency, and kidnapping charges.