Voters in Kaukauna given wrong ballot

Voters in Kaukauna given wrong ballot
Voters in Kaukauna given wrong ballot

KAUKAUNA - About 130 voters were given the wrong ballots Tuesday morning at Kaukauna City Hall. The mistake affected two Outagamie County supervisor races.

Kaukauna's city clerk says everyone in the community votes in the same place. There are districts broken into smaller wards. Some voters were given ballots meant for a different ward than their own.

Those people did not vote for District 13 candidates Leroy Van Asten or Jason Fischer as they should have. Instead, they cast ballots for the District 10 race between Kevin Behnke and Josh Karl.

Fischer says he caught the mistake when he voted at 10:30 Tuesday morning.

"I was next in line and they handed me my ballot and my own name wasn't on it! So I'm like, 'Well, this is not right!'” said Fischer.

The Government Accountability Board, the state agency that oversees elections, says nothing can be done to fix the mistake right now.

Once the votes have been canvassed, the candidates can ask for a recount and then take it a step further.

“If one of the candidates disagrees with the results, they can ask a court to overturn it or ask for a new election,” said Reid Magney with the GAB.

Fischer says he will consider those options.

Van Asten declined an on-camera interview, saying he's waiting to see what happens next.

Neither Behnke nor Karl responded to our requests for comment.