Veteran teacher receives Golden Apple Award

Preble English teacher Kelly Suda says it's her first Golden Apple win, but second nomination.
Preble English teacher Kelly Suda says it's her first Golden Apple win, but second nomination.

GREEN BAY - She's spent 18 years teaching English at Preble High School. But Golden Apple Award recipient Kelly Suda says she's kept her lessons up with the times.

“Welcome to Photobooth day today! You get to record yourself,” Suda told her class one morning.

The Preble English teacher’s lesson on Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven flies off out of the literature books, and onto her student’s computer screens.

“Helping them see something in a new light sometimes shows them that even something that was written in the 1800s still has relevance today,” said Suda.

This lesson? Make Macbook videos with their own versions of the famous poem.

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“I thought we have to come up with a way to take the words off of the page because the words aren't necessarily the words we hear in our everyday conversations,” said Suda.

Junior Olivia Buss nominated Suda for the Golden Apple Award. Buss says Suda deserves it for going beyond what's on the page.

“The way she teaches it to you, she makes it really interactive . It’s not just reading the poem. It's talking about it, comparing it to things in your daily life, using technology, using all sorts of things that make you want to learn more,” said Junior Olivia Buss, who nominated Suda for the award.

This year marks Suda's second time being nominated for a Golden Apple. She says she's grown as a person almost as much as her students, making her work less of a job, and more of a joy.

“Teaching is different because it's centered on so many other human beings. It's centered on kids at my case at the high school level. So the nomination was an honor. And to go to the next level and actually win the award has been really overwhelming. It's been so much fun,” said Suda.

Keeping class fun, so students studying Poe will be bored nevermore, nevermore, nevermore.