Vegetarian and alambre tacos from Fajita Republic


GREEN BAY - The folks from Fajita Republic in Green Bay joined FOX 11's Emily Deem on Good Day Wisconsin to make create some great taco dishes!

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Vegetarian Tacos (Serves 4) Very healthy plate.

Flour or corn tortillas

Raw Zuchinni,onions,green peppers,corn,sweet potatoes (4 oz of each, except sweet potatoes. 6oz.)

Queso Cotija

Creamy poblano dressing

GrillĀ all veggies together. Make sure Sweet potatoes are very tender, otherwise you do net get the full flavor, best if you use olive oil.

Once cooked serve on the tortillas, add cotija cheese and creamy poblano dressing. You can choose your favorite dressing. Ready!

Alambre Tacos (Serves 4) Not so healthy dish.

4 oz. of raw chicken, steak, bacon,Chorizo and pork.

10 oz. of mozarella cheese

1 oz of Cilantro chopped.

Flour or corn tortillas.

Grill all raw meats together starting with the bacon first so we can use its grease to grill the other ingredients.

Then add the chorizo. Grill it for a few minutes, and then add the steak, pork and chiken.

When all the meat are cooked add the mozarella cheese, mix it with all meat until it melts and add the cilantro.

You can add steak sauce if you wish.

Serve on top of the tortillas to make great tacos!