Vast majority of time this winter spent below freezing

forecast snapshot
forecast snapshot

With the long, cold winter it might seem like we've never had a chance to thaw out.

As it turns out, that perception isn't far from reality.

Thanks to some data compiled by the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, we have a visualization of just how unforgiving this winter has been.

According to their data, we've spent a whopping 91% of of the time from December 1 to February 26 below 32 degrees.

That's 1,922 hours out of a total 2,112, or the equivalent of 80 days during that 88 day period, all spent below the freezing mark.

It's also been a brutally cold winter in regard to the amount of time spent below zero.

This map shows the ratio of our time spent below zero this winter versus the 40 year average (which includes some of the coldest winters on record in the late 1970s).

We've spent more than twice the amount of time below zero as compared to that long term average.

And despite the relative warm up coming, we may see both of those figures continue to grow just a bit more in the coming days.