Valders building product manufacturer Spancrete hosts job fair

Workers on the floor at Spancrete in Valders, Feb. 13, 2014. (WLUK/Bill Miston)
Workers on the floor at Spancrete in Valders, Feb. 13, 2014. (WLUK/Bill Miston)

VALDERS – Spancrete bills itself as "Building Innovation."

It's painted right on the wall, made of – you guessed it – Spancrete.

The precast concrete is used from residential buildings to bridges.

However, the Wisconsin-based manufacturer is facing a good problem, which boils down to simple supply and demand.

"We got awarded two new contracts here in the upper Midwest,” explained Scott Galke, Spancrete Vice President of Precast North Operations, “and we're expanding our workforce."

Which means Galke is poring over applications for new 60 new hires, to increase production at the company's Valders plant.

Galke says the full-time jobs offer full union benefits and wages, ranging between $12-25/hour, depending on skill.

Roughly 250 of the company's 325 employees work in the Valders precast concrete facility.

"We're seeing the same thing throughout the industry and the east coast and in the southeast – we have plants in the southeast. And it's very encouraging, for our whole industry, actually."

A recent survey says contractors are at their most optimistic, since the commercial construction downturn roughly seven years ago; with 36 percent expecting the construction market to grow.

Galke says the proof is in the projects.

"We're seeing more activity by the financial institutions, freeing up funds to get some of these projects that have been on the drawing boards for years."

It’s a resurgence Manitowoc County economic leaders say they are also seeing here. Which means good things as the year and the construction season begins.

"You're seeing signs of growth, that's usually a good indicator that it has a good business climate, and an environment that supports business development," said Connie Loden, Executive Director of the Economic Development Corporation of Manitowoc County, in a phone interview with FOX 11.

The company will hold another job fair on Friday, Feb. 14 from 6 a.m.-11:30 a.m. at the company’s training center at 2331 Spancrete Rd. in Valders. The company says those interested can also apply online.