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      UW-Oshkosh making security changes

      OSHKOSH - UW Oshkosh is stepping up security after someone fired a gun on campus last weekend.The incident happened during a student sponsored event.Police are still looking for the shooter.But in the meantime, university officials say they are making some changes, so a similar incident doesn't happen again.Keeping students safe is a top priority for University officials. But Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs Petra Roter says some things could have been handled better last weekend."What I think we learned in this particular incident is that what we had in place is not enough. And so the next steps are to see what other things we can do to beef up security and safety for these kinds of events."Now, changes are being made. Roter says that includes training more campus officials on the student emergency alert system."Our campus community would like that information quicker and we need to be as quick as social media is."Roter also says, they will be adding more security to large scale events, including metal detectors and wands.Students frustrated by what they say was a long delay in getting information about the incident, now say they are pleased the university is taking action."I like that they are trying to keep people safe, I just think it's unfortunate something like that happened on campus," said sophomore Laura Weaver."I think it's safe here but I think there should be an increase in security for the time being. You mean just to make students feel at ease? "Yeah, just until things kind of die down a little bit," added junior Alex Marohl.Roter says she believes these changes will go a long way in keeping students safe."We can always do better and I think we have learned that lesson. And we have put into place strategies that will ensure that information goes out in a timely fashion."University police say they do not believe the suspect in last week's shooting is a student.