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      Green Bay chlorine leak stopped

      GREEN BAY - A worker for the Green Bay Water Utility was taken to the hospital Friday morning after a chlorine leak at a water treatment facility.The facility is on the corner of Finger Rd. and S. Grandview Dr. on the city's far east side.Fire officials say the leak was discovered just after 11 a.m. in the valve of one of the chlorine cylinders.Hazmat crews found high levels of chlorine in the building.While crews worked to fix the leak, one person living in the area was told they couldn't return to their home."Chlorine is an extremely toxic gas. It'll cause burns on the skin, it will cause, if inhaled, burns in your lungs. It's not something to take lightly," said Lt. Nick Craig, Green Bay Metro Fire Department.The worker who was hurt has been released from the hospital.The leak, which has been contained, isn't expected to affect the water supply.