University Avenue Corridor plan nearing completion

The plans to redevelop the University Avenue Corridor are moving along in Green Bay.
The plans to redevelop the University Avenue Corridor are moving along in Green Bay.

GREEN BAY- Plans to re-develop University Avenue on Green Bay's east side are nearing completion. But the city still has some tweaking to do.

City planners say they've heard from the public a fourth time. And now the redevelopment plans for the university avenue corridor are almost complete.

”The biggest concerns for the public have always been that awkward triangle intersections at university and 43. We've also seen the Tillman nursery site as a possible redevelopment sites,” said

A 200 thousand dollar EPA grant looks at improving the quality of life in the area. Planners say that includes transportation, residential areas, and business development.

Owners we spoke with say it's up to the individuals themselves to fix up their businesses, to keep attracting in new customers.

"We're always looking for ways to reinvest back into the business to keep it viable," said Paul Fassbender, who owns University Market.

Fassbender says he improved his own store’s façade a few years ago. He hopes new businesses will come.

"When you can start getting places that are a little bit more unique that drives people to the area,” said Fassbender.

Just down the street, the new owners of 4-Cs restaurant say they want to bring a new Middle Eastern flair to the area's dining options.

"All that's here are wine liquor and bars. There is no something new. There are a lot of ideas not yet here on University Street, like a hookah bar and the middle eastern food, and a lot of other ideas,” said Mohamed Nagaty.

Diverse businesses are right in line with the redevelopment plans.

"Fostering new businesses and existing businesses, and minority businesses, but also capitalizing on the infrastructure that we already have and then capitalizing on the dollars that the students have,” said Linstrom.

Business owners and planners alike know this street is well-travelled.

Now, their goal is to make people stop, spend, and enjoy University Avenue.

Final plans for the University Avenue Redevelopment will be presented in late August.

Planners hope to show a several-decade vision of the area.