Neighbors react to police standoff, two suspects in custody

Appleton police car
Appleton police car

APPLETON-  "There were police with guns running through the neighborhoods," said Melissa Daane.

Neighbors react to a five hour standoff in Appleton overnight that ended with SWAT team officers arresting two men.

Police say they'd been on the lookout for the two men; both had felony warrants.

Friday night authorities got a tip they were at an Appleton home and possibly had guns.

Police blocked off nearby streets, and squads surrounded the 1700 block of North Linwood Avenue.

"Around 10 o'clock I just heard yelling, definitely somebody yelling get down.They were definitely looking at someone in between the houses, and had their large guns out," said Tina VanCamp.

Appleton police were searching for 29-year-old Christopher Fields and 31-year-old Koy Kennedy.

"We received a phone call indicating that both subjects were currently in the city of Appleton, and that the party calling us believed that both were currently armed with a firearm," said Sgt. Dave Lund, Appleton Police Department.

Police say both men were inside the home.

Kennedy jumped out of a second story window and broke his leg. Authorities took him to the hospital for treatment.

Investigators say they learned Fields was still in the home, allegedly armed with a handgun which made the situation tough for police.

"It ended up resulting in our SWAT Team being deployed to the area and establishing a perimeter around that residence while blocking off some streets in the area with our patrol officers."

Police say Fields would not talk with negotiators. Finally, around 5:30 Saturday morning, SWAT members found him inside the home and arrested him.

Officers never evacuated the neighborhood. They felt they kept the area safe during the standoff. But some residents were concerned.

"We were very worried because I have three small kids at home and we didn't know what was going on," Daane said.

It's still unclear why the two men were inside the home. Police say the investigation continues.

Kennedy and Fields may appear in Outagamie County Court Monday. Neither has been formally charged.