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      Training tips for the 2014 Bellin Run

      Bellin Run
      Bellin Run
      ASHWAUBENON - The 2014 Bellin Run is right around the corner!FOX 11's Emily Deem spent Wednesday morning at the Bellin Health Fitness Center to learn some great training tips!Click here to learn more about the Bellin Run.TRAINING PLAN:First consult your physician before you begin trainingHave a training planInclude cross training in your planPlans for a number of race distances (5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon)Having a plan can help runners/walkers build up their mileage and signal when when to taper down for the big raceWARM UP:Proper warm up is essential for preventing injury and for ensuring a quality workoutWarm ups get your body better prepared for the rigors of training for a road race or walk eventWe recommend performing a dynamic warm-up before you start running or walkingHITTING THE ROAD (OR TREADMILL):Pacing is important: how to determine your paceStart slow to build milesInclude interval runs, hills, etc. for effective trainingStress the importance of controlled breathingMaintaining proper running form will aid your performanceCOOL DOWN AND STRETCHING:When you finish your training run or walk, try incorporating a cool down sessionCool downs encourage healing and repair in the bodyCooling down typically involves a slow 5-10 minute jog, walk or simple static stretchesTry to include warm-ups and cool-downs into your Bellin Run training plans. You'll reap the benefits on race dayFoam roller demonstration as time permits or at least mention growing importance and utility of the foam roller