Town of Menasha police lieutenant helps nab two drunken drivers

File photo.
File photo.
TOWN OF MENASHA – A Town of Menasha police lieutenant helped nab two multiple offense drunken drivers this weekend.

Police say both drivers almost hit the officer’s car Saturday evening.

One of the incidents happened while the officer was on duty, the other happened in the Town of Neenah as he was headed home after his shift.

Police say the officer arrested a 54-year-old Menasha man for his 8th OWI and operating without a license. The man told the officer he was trying to answer his cellphone and that’s why he almost hit the officer’s squad car.

In the second incident, the off duty lieutenant phoned Neenah police after nearly getting struck at the intersection of Larsen Rd. and Clayton Ave. in the Town of Neenah. The officer followed the driver until he was stopped by a Neenah police officer. The driver of this car, a 50-year-old Neenah man, was cited for his third OWI.