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      Time capsule opened at Neville Public Museum

      GREEN BAY - A blast from the past was found at the old Brown County Mental Health Center.The time capsule from the 1960s is offering a glimpse of history.The time capsule was opened Wednesday morning at the Neville Public Museum.On the outside it just looks like a copper box. But on the inside it holds various documents, pamphlets and books.The time capsule was found in the cornerstone of the old Brown County Mental Health Center when it was being demolished earlier this month.It was put there in 1966.Museum officials say it's a piece of history they are happy to have."A lot of times when you look at things from a historical perspective you try to apply kind of the so what, so what does this mean to me today? How is this relevant at this particular time and as technology changes we're trying to adapt what we have, the authentic here, and we have that respect of the past and it's our job to share that with the future," said Beth Lemke, Neville Public Museum.Lemke says it's unusual to open a time capsule. The contents of this one will go on display at the museum in the next week or so.