Tigerton students tackle blanket project

Tigerton students tackle blanket project
Tigerton students tackle blanket project

TIGERTON - The small community of Tigerton is proving it's got a big heart. Students at the elementary school are working hard on the "blanket project."

It requires a lot of work from the students; and lots of little fingers to tie knot after knot, after knot.

In the middle of it all is 10-year-old project mastermind, Mary Kreklow.

"We're making blankets to bring to the children's hospital in Milwaukee," said Mary Kreklow.

Mary came up with the idea of donating blankets a few months ago. When others heard about her idea, they wanted to help, too.

"I think it's amazing. I think it's amazing that a little place like Tigerton has so much support for things like that and I think it's going to make some children very happy,” said Mary’s mother, Linda Kreklow.

Linda Kreklow is also a kindergarten teacher at the school. She says the students, teachers, and staff members have embraced the project.
One such staff member is Principal David Battenberg.

"It's been a great opportunity for the students to give back and kind of be involved in a project that, I think, is going to be very worthwhile for the people in the hospital. We're very happy that she came up with a great idea like this,” said Battenberg.

What drives the project home is the fact that some students at the school have to go to the Children's Hospital in Milwaukee for medical care. One is third grader, Colby Wanta. He thinks the blanket project is awesome.

"He was really happy. It made him feel good. He had great big smiles, to see that his friends are doing good deeds for other good kids," said Carri Wanta, Colby's mother.

Linda Kreklow says so far, the school has about 30 blankets put together. They’re hoping to have a car-full when they deliver the blankets later this spring.

"We can make a difference. Even a small place like Tigerton can make a difference in what's going on in the world,” said Linda Kreklow.

And they're doing that one blanket at a time.