Thinking ahead to spring

Athletes train indoors
Athletes train indoors

Spring is less than a month away.

It means more sunlight and a lot less snow but until then…we'll just have to wait.

But you don't have to sit and wait. Hundreds of people looked for great deals on camping and boating equipment at the RV and Boat Show in Oshkosh.

"You walk in and it's a very comfortable atmosphere. There's a lot of different RVs here. You've got the fifth wheels. You've got the travel trailers. You've got the expandables and the fold downs," said Barb Dorn, show coordinator.

Water skiers prepared for the upcoming show ski season at Green Bay's KI Convention Center. The expo offered hands-on training for people looking to learn just about any act.

"We come here; we build the foundation. They're learning how to do the flip on land before they take it to the water and add another variable," said Cathy Luiting with the Wisconsin Ski Federation.

Hunter Hanson is a professional water skier. He's teaching kids new wakeboard tricks on a trampoline.

"It allows your body to know what's going to happen with the trick that you're performing, and so trampoline for wakeboarding is a big help… a big training tool that you can use" said Hanson.

When you think of spring, baseball or softball might come to mind and even though some teams aren't playing outside, they can sharpen their skills inside.

"This is a great opportunity. The kids are here for five hours today just learning a lot of skills and techniques from some great coaches," said Bob Van Rens, De Pere High School baseball coach.

Athletes welcomed the chance to hit, pitch and catch but many are ready to hear "play ball."

"Every year we have these winters just full of snow. You can't really get outside until… even April last year. It's nothing like going outside and being able to actually throw on the mound," said Alex Jorgensen, pitcher for De Pere High School.

But until the snow melts, the players will have to keep swinging those bats inside.