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      The Boldt Company celebrating milestones

      APPLETON - A Fox Valley construction company has reason to celebrate. Not only is The Boldt Company celebrating 125 years in business, but its chairman is turning 90 years old this weekend.At the tender age of 89, Chairman Oscar Boldt is hard at work.Boldt's grandfather Martin Boldt started the family business in Appleton 125 years ago.A few days shy of celebrating his 90th birthday, Boldt says his philosophy of success is simple."It's not me, it's the kind of people we've been able to attract," said Boldt.Boldt has had a hand in many projects in Appleton and the Fox Valley, including the original home of Thrivent Financial and its replacement.There's the Warch Campus Center at Lawrence University, and current renovations to St. Elizabeth Hospital.But Boldt says Appleton's Performing Arts Center holds a special place for him. His hand prints serve as a concrete signature."I try to leave them there, get as dirty as I can, put it on the wall, hope nobody sees it. And when I go by I think, we had something to do with that," said Boldt.Boldt is celebrating 125 years at Appleton's Trout Museum of Art. National Geographic Photographer David McClain captured Boldt projects from around the country. The exhibit and book premiered Monday."Those kinds of things are very rewarding, and I think there's a personal pride when you say, hey, we had something to do with that," said Tom Boldt, CEO of The Boldt Company.It's something Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna thinks about when he goes to work in the City Hall building Boldt renovated."I don't know if I would use the word proud, but more humbled in terms of being able to know him, and to work with him. On things that are so important to the community, not just today, but long into the future," said Hanna.Boldt has 14 office across offices in 14 states, and has as many as 3,000 employees.If you want to see the photos, the Trout Museum of Art exhibit runs through the end of the month.