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      "The Big Event" at SNC

      DE PERE - St. Norbert college students put some "big ideas" to the test this weekend.

      It's part of a competition called "The Big Event."

      Teams of four had to come up with "big ideas" that could help transform St. Norbert College. There weren't many rules, other than to deliver the idea in 10 minutes or less, so creativity was put into play.

      This group, called "Team H" came up with a healthcare idea. They say it took a lot of time to prepare, research, and execute. Those involved in the group say it's exciting to share their ideas with others.

      "It's finally getting an idea out on paper and that's really exciting it helps benefit the students because it gives another thing for St. Norbert to work for and work towards and is a resource that can just keep on giving later on." Sarah VandenHeuvel a St. Norbert College student said.

      The event is sponsored by the President's Innovations Task Force. Winners from Saturday's event went home with $400.00.