Teen charged in Preble fight case

Teen charged in Preble fight case
Teen charged in Preble fight case

GREEN BAY - A Green Bay Preble High School student is the first person arrested and charged after a series of fights earlier this month.

In Brown County court Thursday, prosecutors charged 17-year-old Davion Austin in connection with one of the fights.

According to the criminal complaint, Austin took part in a fight two weeks ago outside the school.

Court documents show ten to 15 students were involved.

Prosecutors claim Austin seriously injured two students. The criminal complaint shows one student's jaw was broken. The other was knocked out.

"He actively went to Preble High School to engage in a fight as alleged in the criminal complaint. He was seen kicking one of the victims in the head while the victim was on the ground. After the initial incident, the defendant punched a second victim away from the initial fight scene," said Assistant District Attorney Kristen Bohnert.

Austin is being held on $1,000 cash bond. He has also been told not to have any contact with known gang members.

His family would not comment after court.

Police have told FOX 11 they are not releasing more information, because it is an ongoing investigation and, in their view, there is nothing to be gained.