Teen campaigns to make life more beautiful for those in need

Life is Beautiful Campaign
Life is Beautiful Campaign

OSHKOSH - When 17-year-old Madison Levesque started volunteering at the Oshkosh Area Community Pantry, she noticed a need.

"They're only allowed one hygiene product per month and I thought that was crazy, only choosing one product per family," said Levesque.

Executive Director Terri Green told FOX 11 the pantry does not get many donated hygiene products.

"Because we are a food pantry. So we wanna make sure they're covering those things and not necessarily the hygiene side," Green explained.

So Levesque started the "Life is Beautiful" campaign last month.

"Everyone deserves to feel clean and beautiful," said Levesque.

The Lourdes Academy senior is asking for donations to make these toiletry bundles for the pantry.

"Shampoo and conditioner, wash cloths, combs, or any hygiene product, really," Levesque explained.

No donation goes unused. Even smaller, sample-sized toiletries will go to the Oshkosh warming shelter.

The goal is to make 2,000 bundles. That's how many families visit the pantry each month.

"I think this will bring an extra smile to their faces," said Levesque.

Green told us she's already smiling. She wants others to take note.

"I hope they take this as an example. So when they come to volunteer at the pantry they can look at other things and make some decisions on where they can help out," said Green.

With help of classmates, community and area businesses Levesque is a quarter of the way to her 2,000 bundle goal.

"All it takes is a little idea, really, it only takes a little bit to start," said Levesque, an idea that is making a difference.

To help out you can bring donations to Lourdes Academy at 250 N. Sawyer Street in Oshkosh, or you can call the school at (920) 426-3626.