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      Taxpayers association against potential Brown Co. sales tax

      GREEN BAY - A local group is trying to stop a new tax before it's even proposed.The Brown County Taxpayers Association is concerned when the Lambeau Field sales tax expires, county leaders will replace it with another sales tax.This is really a pre-emptive strike by the Brown County Taxpayers Association. The group is basically trying to end speculation about a new local sales tax.Brown County already has a half percent sales tax. For nearly 15 years, the money raised has gone to pay for upgrades to Lambeau Field.But that tax is expected to end sometime next year. In fact, state law would have to be changed for it to continue.The county board does have the authority to pass a different half percent sales tax. It has not been proposed yet, however, the president of the taxpayers association says it's something on their radar."We know there are groups in the area that have an idea that once that Packer tax sunsets, which is does by statute, that there would be an opportunity for them to enact that tax yet again and make the supposition that people just won't notice it," said Richard Parins, president of the Brown County Taxpayers Association.The taxpayers association surveyed the candidates running for Brown County Board. It found that 16 of the 33 candidates oppose any effort to enact a new sales tax. Others said they were opposed but would not put it in writing.If 14 of those candidates win, the issue would basically be dead for the next two years.