Supreme Court won't hear Kuenzi's appeal

Rory Kuenzi (Waupaca Co. Jail)
Rory Kuenzi (Waupaca Co. Jail)

MADISON - The state's highest court will not hear an appeal of a man convicted in the so-called deer "thrill kill" case.

Rory Kuenzi and two other men were convicted of running down deer with their snowmobiles and killing them. A Waupaca County judge sentenced Kuenzi to 11 years in prison.

Kuenzi appealed, claiming the court's sentence was biased and unfair. But an appeals court denied the appeal in August, saying there wasn't enough evidence to support the allegation. Kuenzi appealed again, this time to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Last week, the court decided it would not hear the case, which means the appeals court ruling stands.