Sturgeon spearers' success continues on day 2 of season

Day two of the 2014 sturgeon spearing season is in the books and, DNR officials say, similar to Saturday, spearers were able to harvest some very nice fish.

Fisheries Biologist Ryan Koenigs says the south end of Lake Winnebago was once again the hot spot with Wendt's on the Lake leading the way with 76 fish on day two.

The registration station at Jim and Linda's Super Club in Pipe was not far behind with 58 fish being registered there.

The harvest from day two was roughly half that of day one, meaning that the season will likely go a few days into this week, said Koenigs is his daily report.

The season on the Upriver Lakes came down to the wire and the harvest was very close to emergency closure due to reaching 100% of the adult female harvest cap.

Koenigs says the Upriver Lakes season would have ended after Sunday if one more adult female would have been harvested. He says the season will end at 1:00 PM Monday,  lasting just three short days.

The success rate for spearers on the Upriver Lakes has been very high this year, with 319 fish already having been harvested from a potential 469 license holders.

Koenigs reports Donald Feldner registered a 148.0 pound, 74.6" lake sturgeon at Jim and Linda's in Pipe, which is the largest fish harvested in 2014 up to this point.

Brandon Parker was also walking a little taller as he registered his 137.6 pound, 78.0" at Payne's Point.

Another large fish was registered at Critter's in Winneconne when Shelly Gubrandsen brought in a 132.0 pound, 77.2" sturgeon.

*A note- the DNR originally told us the name of the man who got the 148 pound sturgeon was David Feldner, but a viewer contacted us, and his name is actually Donald Feldner.