State warns of fake Powerball lottery calls

Wired telephone file photo.
Wired telephone file photo.
MADISON - State consumer protection officials are warning people about a Powerball phone scheme.

The agency says callers are telling people that they are eligible for unclaimed lottery prizes and to pick some numbers. The callers then call back and tell the person that they have won millions of dollars and a car.

Authorities say while the callers don't ask for ask for information like Social Security numbers, they seem to be trying to get information for future schemes.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue runs the state lottery and is aware of these calls. The department says the only time you would receive a call from the lottery is if you have entered and won a lottery "mail in" drawing.

If you have received one of these fake lottery calls, you can file a complaint or get more information from the state's Consumer Protection Bureau at 1-800-422-7128.