State receives more than 100 propane complaints

Thumbnail for FOX 11 Investigates propane follow 2/17/2014
Thumbnail for FOX 11 Investigates propane follow 2/17/2014

Of the 250,000 people in Wisconsin who rely on propane for heat, more than 100 have filed complaints with the state consumer protection office about the prices they were charged for propane.

Sandy Chalmers is the administrator of Division of Trade and Consumer Protection. She says it's too early to tell if there have been any violations yet.

She says the agency will be looking at the contracts that were in place between customers and suppliers.

No matter what happens, Chalmers says there's a lesson in this for all of us.

"It may be a wake up call to consumers that you really have to read through these contracts carefully and see what your rights are under the contract before signing," Chalmers said.

Chalmers says the propane complaints are on the fast track. But she adds it could be weeks, even months, before there's any resolution.