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      Stadium Snack Tray

      Football Field Appetizer
      Football Field Appetizer
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI04_1qwgO0Recipe from Festival FoodsIngredients:3 to 4 cups smooth guacamoleAssorted sliced cheese and/or cheese cubesA few tablespoons sour cream (optional)Beef sticksAssorted crackersAssorted chips and tortilla chipsRice crispy treats or cookies (optional)Large platter or baking sheetToothpicks or wooden skewersDirections: Spread guacamole in the center of a large rectangular platter or baking sheet to form a large rectangle for the field. Arrange cheese slices or cheese cubes on both sides of the guacamole to form end zones. Use thin strips of white cheese or put sour cream in a piping bag to make the lines on the fields. Cut beef sticks into 1-inch pieces and place on the field to look like players. Use toothpicks or wooden skewers and beef sticks to make the goal posts. Surround platter with things like more cheese slices or cubed, summer sausage, chips, crackers and/or rice crispy treats or cookies.Perfect for game day!