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      Spring Pea Soup

      spring pea soup
      spring pea soup


      1 quart fresh shelled English peas or frozen

      2 cups water

      ¼ stick of butter

      1 cup of cream

      Salt and pepper to taste

      2 each morel mushrooms cut in half

      1 oz crème fraîche or sour cream

      1 teaspoon truffle oil

      Pea shoots for garnish


      Bring water and butter to a boil.  Add the peas and bring back to a boil.  Add the cream and return to a boil once more. Purée the soup in a blender and pass through a fine mesh strainer.  Season the soup with salt and pepper. For the garnish sauté the mushrooms and place in the bowl. Fold the truffle oil in with the crème fraîche and spoon a dollop on top of the mushrooms. Finish with the pea shoots and pour table side.

      Makes 8 servings.