Spectacular icicles at Cave Point County Park

Cave Point County Park in Door County is covered in ice, Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014. (WLUK/Eric Peterson)
Cave Point County Park in Door County is covered in ice, Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014. (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

DOOR COUNTY - If you want to check out some spectacular icicles, they're only about an hour north of Green Bay.

The frozen formations can be found at Door County's Cave Point County Park.

We found plenty of people checking out the ice and curing a little cabin fever along the way.

Ken Kohlman and Pam Coleman are gearing up. The two friends are celebrating Ken's 70th birthday in Door County with an icy hike at Cave Point County Park near Jacksonport.

“It's very nice, and deep holes, which are interesting, and there's a bunch of icicles over there. There's an indentation that's got nice floes, very nice,” said Ken Kohlman of Grayslake, Illinois.

The shoreline is caked with ice and the limestone bluff is too.

Carol Higgins says she visits the park every day.

“It's magical. Everywhere you look, and you can't take it in with your camera,” said Carol Higgins of Jacksonport.

It's been a cold year across the Midwest with much of the Great Lakes being frozen over. But that's not the case at Cave Point.

“I think it's been 20 years or so since Lake Michigan has frozen over. And I think it's because of the north-south orientation. It's not inclined to freeze over as much, so of course with the exposed open water here, it makes a lot of interesting ice formations,” said Erik Aleson, Door County parks director.

“There's a few crevices here and there where you can see a little bit of the stalactite formations but mostly it's just undulating waves of ice,” said Pam Coleman of Graylake, Illinois.

“When these certain series of waves comes in. It's just like a whale blowing, because it spits the water up in the air,” said Kohlman.

It was a day to explore and enjoy.

“Being the first week where it's finally above freezing a little bit, and brings a lot of people out,” said Aleson.

Time may be running out on some of these formations, but until then.

“This is so peaceful today, yeah. It's hard to do anything but sit and wonder at this,” said Carol Higgins of Jacksonport.

Park officials say 400,000 people visit Cave Point County Park each year.