Snow piles up after Winter Storm Carol

Plow drivers struggle to remove snow piles from Winter Storm Carol. (WLUK/Eric Peterson)
Plow drivers struggle to remove snow piles from Winter Storm Carol. (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

GREEN BAY - Clean up continues from Winter Storm Carol.

Snow totals continue to rise, so what do you do with all that snow?

On Green Bay's west side, Winter Storm Carol has left plow driver Mark DeCleene spinning his wheels.

"I'm running out of room. I have no idea what to do. I've been pushing it to the sides. There's no other choice, we need to get rid of it," said Mark DeCleene, plow driver.

Across the street, Eric Peterson spent Tuesday morning digging out.

"The plows came through here, and the driveway, it was messy. It's a good thing we got one of these," said Peterson.

People and businesses are snowed in. A giant mound occupies much of the parking lot at Ashwaubenon's Bay Park Square Mall.

And just up the road at Asheville Square, it's hard to tell where the snow piles end and the offices begin.

"They plow the snow from the road - Oneida (Street) - all the way back here, but this year it's been highly unusual because we've had so much snow," said Lane Perdue of Perdue Insurance.

So much snow.

Green Bay's Public Works Department is trying to make room for it all.

"For the past couple of weeks, in between snow events, we've actually had crews out pushing those piles back," said Steve Grenier, Green Bay Public Works director.

Those piles end up at one of two dump sites in the city.

"As that snow melts in the spring, we actually want it to infiltrate through the ground, because the infiltration acts as a natural filter, and cleans the water before it ultimately winds up back in the river and the bay," said Grenier.

Until then, people will continue to push it around, and pile it up.

"Thursday another storm is coming. We don't know what's going to happen, but it's been a crazy year. It really has," said DeCleene.

A crazy year indeed.

Grenier says out of the nearly five feet of snow, there is still almost two feet packed on the ground, that's the most he's seen in more than 15 years.