Snow pack, mild air, and potential for rain could cause problems

snow melt story
snow melt story

It's been years since we've seen this much snow on the ground at one time, 22 inches in Green Bay. But we're not going to be staying at this depth for very long.

Temperatures in the 30s Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are going to eat into the snow pack.

The signs of all that melting were already visible Tuesday afternoon.

Water ponding on some low-lying roads ways, icicles dripping steadily in the sun.

Getting all the melted snow to run off is one of the bigger problems faced by area road crews in this scenario.

But it could be worse.

"We've had them out opening up the inlets and making sure that that water's got some place to go. The warm temperatures that we're expecting, that results in more of a gradual melt so it's not as big of a concern if we were to suddenly get hit with some rain on top of this," said Steve Grenier, Director of Public Works in Green Bay.

But that worse scenario could happen on Thursday.

Not only are temperatures still expected to be in the mid 30s yet again, we could have rain falling on top of already melting snow.

This is a problem because the snow pack across the Green Bay area contains about 3 inches of liquid already.

If we lose half that between now and Thursday and pick up just another few tenths of an inch of precipitation that day could mean up to 2 inches of water looking for a place to go.

If road drains are clogged it can't go there, and because the ground is still frozen, it won't absorb much water, if any at all.

So in some low-lying areas, we could see a water ponding in yards and streets, and maybe even a couple flooded basements.

Something you'll want to keep an eye on as we move through this week.