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      Sno-cross fans enjoy racing in Kaukauna


      KAUKAUNA - An exciting sport mixing motocross with snowmobiles came to Kaukauna Saturday.

      It's a lot different from the trails. These snowmobilers flew from jumps around the track.

      It's all part of the Great Northern Sno-cross Series, which started last month in Eagle River.

      Saturday's was the seventh of eight races held across the state.

      It's the fourth year that Kaukauna has taken part in the series.

      "I think we missed one two years ago because of snow, but we got fortunate with snow this year - could use a little less wind - but we're having fun anyway," said race director Scott Biese.

      Nearly 120 racers participated in Saturday's event.

      The last event of the series ends next weekend back where it began.