Singing fish scares off burglar

Singing Fish
Singing Fish

A bait shop owner in Minnesota believes an unusual alarm stopped a burglar, by singing.

Tom Allen's "Hooked on Fishing" bait store has all the goodies, from lures to live bait. And lining the walls, plenty of fish mounts as proof.

So when he closed up shop on Sunday,

"The last thing I did before I locked the door was turn Billy the Bass on," said Tom Allen, bait store owner.

The motion detecting mount is his singing door alarm, announcing a customer when he's working out back.

But when he opened the shop on Monday morning, it was his saving grace.

"I saw the door had been damaged, and the dead bolt was bent at like a 45 degree angle," said Allen.

Tom's door had been kicked in, but strangely, not a minnow was missing.

"Not a doggone thing."

Seems the silly, singing bass went off on cue breaking the burglar's mischievous silence.

"And I think he just did his job, and scared whoever it was right out of their tracks, and they ran," said Allen.

And might still be running, frightened off by a lip synching, minnow munching plastic fish.

"I hadn't thought of his as scaring off burglars."

This is one fish story that got the best of a very jittery burglar.