Sights and sounds of 2014 Bellin Run


GREEN BAY - Saturday, 18,213 runners, walkers and wheelchair racers took to the streets of Green Bay and Allouez for the Bellin Run 10K event.

That's a little short of last year's participation, but there was nothing short about the excitement and enthusiasm of this annual tradition.

The walk to the starting line is one many runners look forward to every year, for many reasons.

"Every year, it gets bigger and bigger," said Heath Bohan of Green Bay.

For veterans like Bohan, it's what's waiting for him on the 6.2 mile course that's bringing him back for the 15th time.

"I like to interact with the crowd and they make it a lot of fun," said Bohan.

First-timers like Sarah Glunn of Madison said it's a race unlike any other.

"This race is huge," she said. "I've never ran something so big."

And then there are those with myTEAM Triumph, daring to do something different.

"I figured, why not a disabled person pull a disabled person?" asked Jeff Pagels of Ashwaubenon. "It's not been done before, and hopefully more people will do this in the future."

Pagels and team captain, B.J. Zittlow are the first  myTEAM Triumph team to have a disabled person pull another disabled person through a race.

Well-wishers stood by to capture the moment at the start of every race.

Some upbeat music, support from volunteers and cold refreshments along the route kept participants going.

And when things got tough, they relied on each other to make it all the way to the finish.

"At mile four, you really start to feel it," said Glunn. "lots of people cheering and yelling and my sister was in it a couple of times so I got to hear her."

"We're going to work as a team to complete the course," said Pagels.

"It's by far the best race around, said Bohan.