Several weather records could topple this winter

forecast snapshot
forecast snapshot

The winter of 2013-2014 is one we probably won't forget for a long time, and we won't have to look to deep into the record books for reminders of it.

One statistic that hasn't been getting much attention, but is slowly creeping its way up the all-time list is consecutive days with 10" or more of snow on the ground.

Including Monday, we're sitting at 42 straight days.

It's good for sixth on the all-time list, and if the cold weather holds, we could see this 14 inches or so stick around for at least another week or so, which would push us up into the top three on the list.

And speaking of that cold weather, we're currently in a three-way tie for winters with the most days with a below-zero temperature recorded at 45 days.

With another 6 in the forecast, we'll be breezing past the record of 48 days.

Another record that could be toppled?

Days that have reached 10 below zero or colder.

We've seen 21 so far, only 4 short of the record, and have another 3 such days in the forecast.