Seven convicted in connection with heroin distribution ring

Randy Lindgren (Waushara County Sheriff's Office)
Randy Lindgren (Waushara County Sheriff's Office)
MILWAUKEE - Seven people charged in connection with a heroin distribution ring - related to the death of a woman in Waushara County - have been convicted in federal court.

Amalia Henschel died in in April, 2012, in Redgranite. She ingested the drugs with Randy Lindgren, who had purchased the heroin from John Gearnhardt.

Gearnhardt told investigators he made multiple trips to Milwaukee each week to buy the drugs. The complaint says Gearnhardt supplied several local dealers. The case was originally charged in state court, but was transferred to federal court because of the extent of the drug operation. Plea deals were previously reached for Gearnhardt and six others with lesser involvement. All will be sentenced in June.

As for Lindgren, he was expected to plead guilty Monday to the the drug conspiracy charge. Also, a hearing started Monday on a 'cause of death enhancer' to determine if he is responsible for Henschel's death.