Second teen charged in Preble fight case

Trevon Massey (Brown Co. Jail)
Trevon Massey (Brown Co. Jail)

GREEN BAY - The mother of an expelled Preble High School student is defending her son.

On Wednesday afternoon, Trevon Massey, 17, became the second teenager charged for fights last month outside the school.

Green Bay police say up to ten teens could face citations or charges. They also say some of the teens have ties to gangs.

Massey has been charged with two felonies for substantial battery-party to a crime.

It’s still unclear what sparked the series of fights.

As her son appeared in court from Brown County Jail, Nophtali Wilson wasn't happy to hear police associated her son with the word gangs.

“It's not gang related,” said Wilson. “It's no gang. They are just calling themselves big family.”

Wilson says Massey's father was killed in a gang shootout about two years ago in Chicago. Wilson says a gang then tried to recruit her son, and that's when she moved her family to Green Bay.

“He's been born and raised in Chicago and never been in a gang a day in his life, never will be in a gang as long as he's got something to do with me,” said Wilson.

Police say on February 6, there were several incidents throughout the day at Preble High School. After classes were done for the day, as many as 15 people were involved in fights.

Authorities haven't accused Massey specifically of being in a gang, but they have said some of the people involved do have ties to gangs.

“Your honor as the court can get a feel for what happened outside the school on February 6, it was quite chaotic,” said Tom Coaty, an assistant district attorney for Brown County.

Witnesses told police what allegedly happened. They say Massey confronted another student, accusing the student of being in a gang called BKU. The confrontation escalated to a fight with Massey allegedly punching the student.

“There is the allegation of a gang, if not affiliations, there are at least people claiming to be a member of certain gangs in the area,” said Coaty.

“None of these guys have any criminal background of being in a gang, it's just a big family of who they deal with and who they associate with and half of these kids are innocent,” said Daumeshia Hickmon, Massey’s sister.

Massey's family says many people in the fights are related and some have now been expelled. A district official confirmed there has been recent expulsion hearings, but would not say if they were related to the Preble fights.

Davion Austin, 17, is the other teen who has been charged in the Preble fights. In the criminal complaint, witnesses say Austin was kicking and punching people outside of the school.

Massey's bond was set at $1,000 cash. He is not supposed to have any contact with Preble High School or anyone known to be in a gang.