Second grade teacher honored with Golden Apple Award

Golden Apple teacher Amy Kupsh during class
Golden Apple teacher Amy Kupsh during class

ASHWAUBENON - A second grade teacher at Valley View Elementary School works to make her class fun and exciting every day.

Amy Kupsh is a Golden Apple Award teacher. The students in her second grade class say learning is fun.

"I like how she teaches us writing because she makes and all of her examples are fun for writing," said student Gavin Averbec.

Students also say Mrs. Kupsh is always there when you need her.

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"Whenever I need help, I raise my hand and she comes and helps me," said student Esmeralda Gutierrez-Ramirez.

Building trust and respect for one another is a top priority in this class.

"The kids never feel crushed or defeated when somebody disagrees with their answer because they know we all make mistakes in our learning. But because we built that trust and they have found their voices and they've learned and practice how to use those voices," said Kupsh.

Kupsh also works to keep her teaching style fresh and she understands the importance of keeping her students moving.

"They come to the carpet, we do little bit of reading…always moving. It's not sit and get. We're definitely moving and shaking and they're engaged because kids learn in so many different ways," Kupsh said.

For some students even the small things are important.

"We always get to do art projects. Like sometimes we get to do them and we always get to put them on the ceiling," student Madison Seder.

Kupsh is in her 18th year of teaching and she says it's an honor to receive a Golden Apple Award.

"It was really humbling."

Kupsh says the Golden Apple will sit on her desk until she's ready to retire.

"I want parents and my students to see that it's there and I was recognized and that I've received this award that I'm so flattered to have earned," Kupsh said.