School district: Continued police presence to be reviewed day-by-day

Green Bay Preble High School
Green Bay Preble High School

GREEN BAY – As Preble High School students try to get back to their routines, the increased police presence around the east side campus is anything but.

"I'm glad to see that they're doing something about it," said Preble senior Cullen Holterman. "I don't have any concern. I know they'll do their job."

Holterman, 18, says he stays out of the drama that prompted last week's fights. However, he is worried about their long-term effects.

"I'm concerned for people who are still going to be here next year and freshman coming in next year," he said.

"I'm just trying to go to school," said senior Cassie Stangel.

Stangel says the increased police presence is fine by her.

"As long as they're here, I mean, I guess they can make us feel safe and they can just stop what's going on. I'd feel better if everyone just dropped it."

Green Bay police say increased patrols and more visible officers in the area of the roughly 2,400 student school will act as a deterrent to future violence.

"We are still talking to students,” explained Lt. Todd LePine, the school resource officer supervisor with the Green Bay Police Department at a press conference Monday morning. “We are still talking to staff; we are still talking to witnesses."

Witnesses that police hope have accurate information, in a digital world often full of inaccuracies.

Police say social media has made it difficult to get down to the bottom of what caused the incidents. As that investigation continues, school district officials say, police will remain on campus, as long as is necessary.

"We will monitor it day-by-day,” said Michelle Langenfeld, superintendent of the Green Bay Area Public School District. “We want to make sure our children are safe and we will do whatever is necessary to make sure that happens."

One other note from Preble administrators – there were no incidents at activities or games over the weekend.