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      Republican office vandalized in Sheboygan

      SHEBOYGAN - Police and politics are mixing in Sheboygan.Volunteers at a Republican field office say a woman came in Tuesday yelling about Republicans ruining the country.She allegedly threw papers and knocked a statue off a desk.One volunteer says the woman even spit on him.Police say it's okay for people to take a side in politics, but urge everyone to do so respectfully."Politics really seems to polarize people, and there's nothing wrong with having different opinions. It's the way you present your case, the way you ask your questions, the way you interact with as the British would call 'the opposition,' listening to the other side, being respectful, behaviors like that will get us in the right direction working together rather than always seemingly butting heads," said Officer John Samuels, Sheboygan Police Department.Police issued the woman a $250 ticket for disorderly conduct.The woman has not been reached for comment.