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      Racine police catch Illinois kidnapping suspect

      File photo.
      File photo.
      RACINE, Wis. (AP) - Racine police have caught a man wanted in a possible kidnapping in Illinois.The Racine Police Department was contacted by police in Highland Park, Ill., on Sunday about a kidnapping investigation. A 30-year-old woman apparently was taken against her will by an ex-boyfriend, and the two were believed to be in Racine, although they did not have ties to the area.Officers found the suspect and victim at the top of a Racine parking ramp around 6 p.m.Police say the suspect resisted arrest and was subdued with help from a police dog. The woman was safe and unharmed.The suspect was treated for a dog bite and taken to jail. He faces a warrant in Illinois accusing him of kidnapping, unlawful restraint and criminal damage to property.