Racine cemetery vandalized

Racine cemetery vandalized
Racine cemetery vandalized

RACINE - Police are looking for whoever vandalized two dozen gravestones at a Racine cemetery.

The damage at Mound Cemetery was discovered Monday. Police believe the vandalism happened sometime over the weekend.

Some of the stones date back to the 1880s, but cemetery officials say parts of the property are even older.

"The cemetery is actually between one and three thousand years old," said cemetery supervisor Steve Bedard, "and gets its name from the Mound Indians that were in this area at one time."

Monte Osterman owns a granite and marble business in town. He said when he saw the fractured tablets and overturned headstones, he thought of the work that went into these monuments.

"There is some significant craftsmanship in this," said Osterman, "probably for one guy, about four weeks of work just in that one piece and it was done in a time when the tools and technology did not exist to be able to do it the way we can today."

The city owns the cemetery. Officials say they don't know who will pay for the repairs.

Bedard says he is trying to contact relatives to let them know about the vandalism.