Q&A with Lourdes Academy's Maddy Reed

Maddy Reed
Maddy Reed

OSHKOSH — Lourdes Academy has had been on quite a run over the last four years having won at least 21 games each season and placing second in the Division 4 state tournament in 2012.

The Knights are 17-2 this season and one of the reasons for the success over the years is senior Maddy Reed. The forward recently became the program’s all-time leading scorer, surpassing former teammate Teenie Lichtfuss.

Reed says a reason for her team’s success and hers is simple, hard work. Recently, she took the time out to talk about the season, amongst other things.

Here’s the interview:

Q: The success this season you’ve had as a team and as a player, not to be cocky, but is this exactly what you expected?

MR: We worked really hard this summer, so we were looking to use that hard work and continue on into the season. We’re pretty happy with the outcome so far.

Q: A couple years ago you went to state as a sophomore, got to the championship game. What was that experience like?

MR: It was a really great experience. We were playing with some great players, Lexy (Petermann) and Teenie. It was really fun, we ended a little short than we wanted to. It was just a great experience.

Q: Compare that team to this team; are they similar?

MR: I think so; the work ethic and every day in practice we come in looking to push each other and ourselves. I think that definitely compares. We’re a little bit quicker and our defense has improved every year, so we’re excited about that.

Q: You’ve won (57 conference) games in a row, but the other night in conference you had a tough one. What’s it like playing in those tough ones because you need those down the stretch, don’t you?

MR: Definitely. It’s great experience, especially for the freshmen, getting in those big, tight games where every possession, every point counts. We had to play right until the buzzer. It was really great.

Q: How much are you girls thinking about the conference season and thinking about the postseason right now?

MR: I think we’re finishing out conference, right now, but we’re definitely looking at who we might be playing in the postseason; scouting them, talking what defense they run. That’s ultimately our goal, the postseason and getting far. We’re looking to get better every day.

Q: This year you’re in a different sectional; usually you’re paired with Algoma. Do you like going to a different sectional, not that you’re afraid of Algoma, it’s just going to be a new look?

MR: It’ll be nice. We’ve played Algoma my first three years and they’re a good basketball team. I’m excited to play some different teams, too.

Q: What are your college plans?

MR: I’m going to go to Hillsdale College (Mich.). I’m really excited, the coaches are great, their program’s pretty good and I really like the school.

Q: Were there any other schools that were close?

MR: Once I visited there, I toured over the summer and I saw that one towards the end of the summer, I really didn’t want to look anywhere else.

Q: Your four years here you’ve obviously made an impact otherwise you wouldn’t be the all-time leading scorer. When did you know you could be a scholarship player for college?

MR: I think during the AAU season, when coaches start talking to you. It’s a whole different ball game. There wasn’t like a time, but once they offered, I was like, “Sure.”

Q: Do you have pregame rituals?

MR: For home games we go to (teammate) Lauren Fischer’s house and have lasagna. We enjoy that team bonding.

Q: What’s been your best high school sports memory?

MR: Probably state my sophomore year. It was just a lot of fun, great teammates and exciting.

Q: What’s the best part about playing basketball?

MR: Coming to practice every day and getting better and pushing ourselves and pushing each other.

Q: When you’re not playing basketball what do you like to do?

MR: I like running. I run cross country in the fall and then track in the spring. Besides that, play more basketball.

Q: What makes this a successful season?

MR: Working on our defense, we’re looking to improve on that; keeping every player in front and playing as a team.

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