Q&A With FVL's Abby Radue

Abby Radue has led FVL to an 11-1 record this season.
Abby Radue has led FVL to an 11-1 record this season.

APPLETON — The Fox Valley Lutheran girls basketball team is 11-1 this season entering Tuesday game at Xavier and the Foxes are on pace to at least capture at least a share of their third straight Eastern Valley Conference title.

One of the key players this season for the Foxes has been senior Abby Radue, who leads the team in scoring at 10.2 points per game. Recently, Radue took time to talk about the season, including a 31-point win over rival Xavier.

Q: First game against Xavier you beat them by 31. How surprised were you because you girls usually play tough games against them?

AR: It was shock, but Xavier, they’re just such a great a team, so every game you take it a game at a time, play your ball and see what the outcome will be.

Q: You girls are on pace for your third conference title. Talk about what that would mean to go three in a row in this league.

AR: It would mean so much. Coming back years from now looking up on the board seeing conference champions is such an honor. You can have that there for a lifetime, so it would mean the work and that’s what we work for every day in practice, 100 percent.

Q: Going into Tuesday’s game at Xavier you’re undefeated in conference. How much of a focus now is it to go perfect in the conference season.

AR: A lot of focus. You can never underestimate a team, you play every game as it’s going to bring you that win, your final goal. So, in practice that’s what you have to look for.

Q: One blemish this year came at Notre Dame; what happened in that game?

AR: Allison LeClaire, what a great player, truly a team player. We just struggled and had an off game. It was a learning experience and we learned from it and now we took the negative from that game and we’re hopefully turning that into a positive looking into a postseason.

Q: Division 3 bracket, I know you’ve glanced at it a bit. Do you think this team is good enough to get to the Resch Center.

AR: I think so. We have the skills and the team player. We have what you need. Take it one game at a time to get to get that final goal, the Resch Center.

Q: So far, what’s your best high school sports memory?

AR: Last year against Xavier, at our home court. We brought it into overtime and we ended up beating them in overtime after being down for most of the game. That will be a great memory I remember.

Q: You’re a three-sport athlete, so what is your favorite sport?

AR: Favorite sport is basketball. I love every sport; whatever season I’m in, I’m pretty much loving that sport. But I’m hopefully going to be playing basketball in college, so I would say basketball is my number one sport.

Q: When you’re going from season to season to season, does your body ever get tired, or how do you deal with that part?

AR: It’s the offseason. You keep working your body, you never take a break, you keep working. You push yourself. It’s the final goals you look for. Practice makes perfect. Yeah, your body gets tired but it’s worth it in the end.

Q: What do you like best about playing sports?

AR: The competition. I’m such a competitive person. Playing with a such great group of girls, building that strong bond of a family is truly great.

Q: What are your college plans?

AR: I’m hoping to be a business major and right now I’m looking at St. Thomas in Minnesota, playing basketball there. Otherwise, Concordia College or UW-LaCrosse.

Q: Do you have any pregame rituals?

AR: We always have a team dinner before every game. We always do a cheer to get each other together, so we look forward to our cheer. We also do a dark room where we talk about our goals as a team before the coaches come in and give us their game plan.

Q: What makes this season a success?

AR: Playing as a team. You can have some girls that are good players, but you’re not going to achieve success without team leaders and playing as a team, building that bond and working each other every single day in practice so you give 100 percent every second of the practice and the game time.

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