Pulaski to ask state for make-up day waiver

File photo. (MGN Online/University of Kentucky)
File photo. (MGN Online/University of Kentucky)
Pulaski Schools will make up one missed school day June 12, but will ask the state to grant a waiver so it doesn't have to make up another.

State law allows the Dept. Of Public Instruction to grant waivers, but school districts have to follow a specific process to be allowed not to fulfill the requirements for the number of school days or the total instructional time.

One consideration is the district must show why it couldn't make up the day, according to DPI spokesman Patrick Gasper.

The DPI  said in January that with several months left in the school year, it would be premature to consider waiving the days and hours requirements.

DPI has not yet received any requests for such waivers, Gasper said Friday. However, one of the requirements is that the school district hold a public hearing on the request. Pulaski has scheduled its hearing for March 5.

Pulaski schools director of personnel Bec Kurzynske said the district had added a professional development day in November when a textbook author met with staff.

The district could have accommodated that day within the calendar if not for the four days canceled due to weather. One day will be made up June 12, and the district has enough instructional minutes for two others.

The district doesn't believe a waiver would be granted for the cold days, but should for the staff development event, Kurzynske said.