Pulaski schools one step closer to make-up day waiver

File photo (MGN Online/Freeport School District)
File photo (MGN Online/Freeport School District)

PULASKI - The weather this winter has forced school districts all over the area to cancel classes and shuffle calendars.

In Pulaski, the school district is looking for ways to account for those days — including not having to make them up.

Before any of the snow and cold hit, the Pulaski school district had extra days to work with.

But not enough to cover the four days it missed because of the weather.

“We had built in several days in anticipation of that,” said Superintendent Milt Thompson.

Thompson says the district has already changed Dec. 13, 2013 and April 17, 2014 from half to full days.

“We're in the position of being over as far as the number of minutes that are required but the state counts days, not just minutes,” said Thompson.

A FOX 11 Fact Check found the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requires certain numbers of minutes per grade level per year — between 437 minutes for half-day kindergarten, to 1,137 for middle and high schoolers. It also requires 180 days of instruction.

The Pulaski School Board held a short public meeting Wednesday to discuss a waiver to get out of one of those required days.

It would swap April 21 from a teacher workday to a normal school day. And another work day would be tacked on at the end of the year, on June 12.

No parents showed up to the meeting — and only a handful of teachers attended.

“We have to make it up somewhere and I think that people are happy with what we decide as teachers and as the board,” said Wendy Derenne, a fourth grade teacher.

FOX 11 reached out to the DPI for comment on the waiver. We did not hear back.

The Pulaski school district believes it will be granted.

Most districts have adjusted their schedules on their own. But as of recently, only Pulaski had applied for a waiver from the state.