Protecting your home and roof from snow and ice melt

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As we start to see some milder weather, the snow and ice that's piled up this winter might cause some headaches for homeowners.

That's because if you haven't been proactive about keeping your roof clear this winter, your gutters that usually collect snow and ice melt might not be doing anything at all.

And experts say you might want to do something about it.

"The gutters will be backed up with ice and that water's gotta go somewhere when it melts behind it. And it'll go underneath the shingles and nail holes in the shingles and it leaks into the house and that's what causes damages, " said Don Zoeller, owner of All-American Roofing.

It will be an increasing concern as we see milder weather in the coming days.

And if your gutters are full of ice, they themselves might not fare well.

"Figure a 2 foot, maybe 3 foot section, 6 inches, 8 inches deep with ice, a foot up the roof, you're talking about 100 pounds of weight. And eventually, what will happen is the gutter is gonna give away because nothing will hold that," said Zoeller.

In order to get that snow and ice taken care of, there's a couple options.

Kimps Ace Hardware in Howard suggests roof rakes or salt tablets.

"You can just toss those up on the roof, about 2-3 feet apart and just behind the ice dam so that as that product starts to work it melts its way down through and gives you some pathways for that water to flow into the gutters," said store manager Jeff Baranczyk.

Small investments in both money and time to avoid costly damage to your home.

And as a reminder to those looking to clear their roofs, experts say never to venture up on your roof.

This winter in particular has resulted in a lot of ice on roofs, and it's easy to slip and fall and injure yourself.