Prostitution sting nets 8 arrests

Prostitution sting nets 8 arrests
Prostitution sting nets 8 arrests

GREEN BAY - Green Bay police arrested eight women in a recent undercover prostitution sting.

Police aren't saying specifically how they caught the women because they plan to do a similar operation soon.

Captain Todd Thomas says the scope of prostitution in Green Bay could keep the police department busy for a while.

“We could probably do these operations every day for a long period of time before we make a real serious impact,” said Thomas.

Arrested were: Shannetta Franklin, 23, of Green Bay; Cynthia Burzinski, 23, of Green Bay; Rachel Fischer, 21, of Suamico; Erica Herrod, 24, of Green Bay; Robbie White, 23, of Green Bay; Adrian Hendrix, 19, of Green Bay; Susan Buelow, 49, of Green Bay; and Heather Denny, 37, of Green Bay.

Police say two of the women also had drugs on them.

“This was a little different of an operation, where we did it,” said Thomas. “It was something I don't think they expected, so it was a little more successful. They're all pretty familiar with our operations with what we've done in the past, out of hotel rooms and houses, so they're pretty reluctant to do some of that.”

Each woman was cited $6,361. Police say some of the women indicated that money could be made up quickly.

“The basic general fees that we were negotiating with those escorts was about $150 for an hour or so,” said Thomas. “If you multiply that by a few times a night, which several of them told us they had several dates a night times seven days a week, it adds up pretty quickly.”

Captain Thomas says these operations happen when they have the manpower available. He says these stings are important because prostitution often leads to other criminal activity.