Prostitution complaints close down an Oshkosh strip club

Naughty Girls strip club in Oshkosh (WLUK)
Naughty Girls strip club in Oshkosh (WLUK)
OSHKOSH - An Oshkosh strip club is closed in the wake of a lawsuit.

Naughty Girls on Jackson street posted a sign saying it will be closed until further notice.

The Winnebago County District Attorney's office filed a civil suit against the owner of the property in response to several prostitution complaints at the club.

Last year two club employees were charged with prostitution and were later found guilty. A man was also found guilty of solicitation of prostitutes in connection to those cases.

The assistant district attorney says Naughty Girls is a nuisance to the community. He is asking a judge to close the business for a year and that all moveable property be sold.

There is a hearing scheduled for next Thursday, August 14th.