Prosecutors file heroin charges

Prosecutors filed heroin charges in Brown County court on July 23, 2014.
Prosecutors filed heroin charges in Brown County court on July 23, 2014.

GREEN BAY - FOX 11 continues to dig deeper into what's being called a widespread heroin ring in Brown County.

Over the last week, prosecutors have accused at least 14 people of being part of the ring.

The assistant district attorney has called it the largest heroin distribution conspiracy in this area.

On Wednesday, prosecutors filed formal charges against seven of the suspects accused of heroin crimes in connection with the ring.

Seven others, have not been formally charged. However, prosecutors laid out their case in court.

Normally when charges are filed, FOX 11 would get new details about a case in a criminal complaint.

However, the court documents for nearly all of the cases connected to the ring are being kept secret because a judge has sealed them.

Prosecutors have said in court the drug operation has been going on for about a year and there were multiple levels of involvement.

The district attorney said Wednesday, he doesn't expect the sealed cases to be unsealed for a while.

Multiple law enforcement agencies are involved with this roundup, however none will talk about it because of the ongoing investigation.

FOX 11 will continue to dig deeper into the cases and deliver the facts as they become available.