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      Proposed wheel tax sent back to Appleton's finance committee

      wheel tax
      wheel tax
      APPLETON - City council members sent a proposed wheel tax back to the finance committee during a meeting Wednesday night.Council members say the idea needs to be studied more, before they take any action.The city's finance committee had recommended Appleton adopt a wheel tax to replace special assessments. The assessments are bills property owners pay the city for road reconstruction projects. They can cost upwards of $10,000.The wheel tax would be a reoccurring payment. It is an additional fee drivers would pay every year when they register their cars. The Appleton proposal is $20. Officials say it would generate about $1.7 million a year. Right now the city generates about $1.3 million on average from special assessments.The wheel tax would apply only to vehicles weighing less than eight-thousand pounds. That leaves out large trucks and semis.The finance committee is expected to discuss the idea once again at its meeting on Wednesday.