Propane supply increases for some dealers


REEDSVILLE - More propane seems to be flowing into the state.

However, industry experts say the shortage is far from over.

One dealer in Reedsville says he's glad to see the propane trucks rolling again.

At the Country Visions Cooperative in Reedsville, trucker Mike Allen delivered a full load of liquid propane Monday morning.

"Not as a rule, but this winter, we've been up here, quite a bit," said Allen.

Allen delivered 9,800 gallons from a facility in central Illinois. Some of the fuel was turned around immediately to customers.

"Yeah we've been busy. It all depends on the customer, but we're six days a week," said Mark Spatchek, Country Visions Cooperative propane delivery truck driver.

"We have 8,000 customers, like I mentioned. If you only put 100-150 gallons in a tank, eventually we'll have all our tanks down to ten percent," said Steve Zutz, Country Visions Cooperative president and CEO.

Zutz says many of his customers have contracted a price of around $1.60, based on gallons used.

"So probably in two weeks, we'll have all our contracted gas used up. And then we're buying at the mercy of the market, and so will our customers, correct," said Zutz.

Zutz says that price on Monday was $3.99.

But are those higher prices here to stay?

"I believe they will go back down in price, because I think we have the ability to produce propane, and we'll get back down there," said Zutz.

But industry experts say the situation is far from fixed.

"While a dealer might access a supply and service some customers, I don't think we should read that as being past any point of crisis," said Brandon Scholz, Wisconsin Propane Gas Association managing director.

Meanwhile drivers continue to hit the road in search of more propane.

"You hear a lot of different stories here and there. Different terminals where they're going to be out here, be out there. I don't know, I just go wherever they got gas, they send you," said Allen.